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King Kenny...Time Up?

Don't think I can defend Kenny much anymore. Far too many mistakes in every game. Rafa was constantly slated for far less. Not all the problems are Kenny's because too many times we dominate games and the players just give up. I've said it a few times but mediocrity is ingrained into the club now. The entire attitude around the club should be about winning, about playing attacking and free flowing football. It should be exciting to watch Liverpool and there should never be a feeling of resignation. The Liverpool of the 70s and 80s was a mixture of Spurs and Man United at their best. There's no reason for the club to not be like that just because we haven't won the league since The Beatles last played together.

His philosophy is good but he's bought the wrong players. He has no idea how to manage the squad and the players. Gerrard and Adam are attacking mids and play as reserved cm's. Henderson had a great patch of form playing as a cm and now he's being used as a rm again. Carroll has looked decent lately and is only ever going to improve by starting yet he's dropped every second game. I'm also not sure if Kenny knows how he wants his team to play. It's as if he wants to play both a counter attacking and a possession based pass and move style because Suarez, Downing and Henderson are very good at passing and running into space.

Enrique is the most over hyped and overrated player we have. He makes glaring mistakes nearly every time he plays and is only bailed out by his sheer athleticism and Agger. He is far too naive in defense and isn't even effective going forward. He constantly makes the wrong decision in attack and skews his crosses. When he reacts on instinct his crosses and attacking play is good but you rarely get that chance as a fullback. It's players like him that have begun to bastardise the fullback position. Playing that position should be like an art form. It requires an incredible amount of footballing intelligence and it's also a position that's difficult to recognise if done well. There are so many factors involved in being a good fullback but it seems like a growing trend to just get physical beasts and stick them there because they can run fast and run for long periods of time. Enrique, Taiwo, Clichy, Kolarov, Richards (although he has improved a lot this season) and Rafael are just examples.

Our inability to defend corners was annoying, then comical, now it's just out of control. How a manager who is getting paid 4m a year to manage this team cannot see this is beyond me. Whether you're an advocate of zonal marking or man marking, it doesn't matter. Rafa had our players using zonal marking for 6 years so Kenny should adapt to use it as well. Managing teams is all about adapting to the players you have available. Kenny has been around the club for a few years now and you can definitely see that his tactics are modern and not archaic. Therefore there's really no reason to use man marking. It's an outdated method, our players don't suit it and our players aren't used to it.

His substitutions smack of desperation. Today we should have brought on Maxi for Suarez at 2-1 to maintain possession and see the game out while flooding the midfield with 4 players but instead he brought on Carroll for no conceivable reason. Carroll offers nothing as a sub. He cannot offer an injection of pace and energy, he can't hold the ball up like Zamora or Drogba can and he's useless off set pieces because we can't defend them anyway. At 2-1 we still tried to play and attack QPR. That is entirely the wrong decision. Even at 2-0 we should've just sat back, sat deep and hit them on the counter with Downing and Suarez. It doesn't even have to be Maxi, Shelvey can fulfill that role as well. Shelvey will never fulfill his potential here though, he's not getting any game time and he should be playing in every game from now until the end of the season. He's an attacking mid like Gerrard but he can actually play in cm and maintain possession while hitting the killer ball. He's Adam and Gerrard combined.

Rafa was slaughtered for being a "poor" man manager but man management extends beyond hugging your players and smiling at them when they come off. Kenny is failing big time in this department and doesn't have the tactical ability to make up for it. He was brought in because of his status around the club which was the right move, however it just seems like the players don't care and don't respect him anymore. They have no motivation in the league and haven't had motivation for quite some time. Mercenaries are ever present in football these days. The players at Real Madrid don't all love the club, yet their motivation to win is immense. It's the same with United, same with Milan. Their players have the motivation to turn up against small teams and do what's necessary to win. Everyone felt that winning the Carling Cup would help with this. It would help instill that winning mentality back in the club, that desire to win, the motivation. It did nothing of the sort. The Carling Cup isn't a Champions League or even an FA Cup but it's still a trophy, it's still a step in the right direction. Kenny can't do much else in that regard. He's done all he's can to make Liverpool what it once was. He's tried to build a British spine to create dressing room harmony. He's brought back the boot room. He shows passion and supports his players but the players let him down time and time again. He's to blame for buying the players but the players are also to blame for not rewarding him with the trust placed in them.