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Libertadores 2012 Final: Boca Juniors vs Corinthians

Copa Libertadores 2012 Final: Boca Juniors vs Corinthians

Well, the final moment is close now. Only two more Libertadores matches to go, and it seems like they'll be two fucking awesome matches. The two best teams in the competition have qualified to the final, two of the biggest clubs of South America and the best clubs of the respective countries in the last two years, I might add. Corinthians deservedly kicked last year's champions, Santos, out of the competition (they kicked Neymar's ass too). Boca Juniors defeated the strong Universidad de Chile team, which had won the Copa Sul-Americana last year. So yeah, los dos mejores will play the final.

This final is particularly meaningful for Corinthians 'cause... well, this will be their first! Corinthians is probably the country's second/first most popular team, has 3 Brasileiros, but no Libertadores, unlike all of its rivals. So yeah, they've been wanting this title for the last 15 years or so. Boca Juniors is used to this kind of thing, with their 7 titles (Riquelme alone has 3).

As for the game itself... well, I'm hoping for a great game, with Boca trying to come up with the advantage and Corinthians not giving a damn bit about it and defending excellently as always (they conceded 3 goals and are the best defense in history of this competition). Corinthians stood up and played their game against Santos at Vila Belmiro, so I suppose the same will happen here. Yeah, they'll pack up the whole midfield behind the ball and mostly work on counter-attacks, but Boca and their slow defense mustn't underestimate Corinthians' fluid attacking system and the off-the-ball runs of Paulinho. Ralf shall man-mark Riquelme like he did to Ganso. Boca will probably use the argentinian diamond 4-4-2 with Román as the awesome #10 behind the two strikers. The support from the fans will be tremendous and they'll try to make it even louder and suffocate Corinthians. Most of their plays come from the left side, with Clemente Rodríguez + Erviti being more offensive than Ledesma + Roncaglia, but that's exactly Corinthians' best side defensively. It'll be interesting.


Alessandro - Chicão - L.Castán - F.Santos

Ralf - Paulinho

Jorge Henrique - Danilo - Alex



Roncaglia - Schiavi - Caruzzo - C.Rodríguez

Ledesma - Somoza - Erviti


Mouche - S.Silva

*the match will start in exactly 3 hours*