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Terms of Service

Welcome to the Tiki-Taka Forum Guidelines

These guidelines are to assist you as a member of our community. By becoming a members of Tiki-Taka, you agree to follow the following:

1. All members should be on their best behavior. Negative behavior such as rudeness, name calling, and racial slurs will not be tolerated. Picking fights with and ridiculing other members is also not tolerated.

2. All topics and posts should be kept to their proper forums. They should also be specific and detailed, good descriptive topic titles are also a requirement.

3. We do not condone or knowingly support products that have been acquired by illegal means. Posts or topics looking for the support of illegal products will be removed and action possibly taken against the user. If you think your post or topic has been removed in error, please contact the appropriate administrator for the section the topic was in.

4. If you have a (constructive) comment, suggestion, or question on a specific board policy, it may be sent via PM to an Administrator. All disagreements on the matter of moderation must be addressed to the acting moderator via PM. This does not mean, however, that you may resort to any of the actions covered in the first point of the guidelines. If, after speaking with a moderator, you feel that the disagreement is not resolved, you may speak to the Administrator. In all cases Management reserve the right to remove topics and/or posts they deem inflammatory and/or unnecessary.

5. Topics should not be replied to which have not previously received discussion in more than six months unless clearly relevant to current situations. Such topics will be closed. If the last reply is less than six months old, and a newer topic of the same subject exists, the two topics will be merged.

6. Topics for recruiting members or staff to a website are not allowed.

7. Usernames that contain profanity or are in the form of a URL are not allowed.

8. Topics and posts advertising a member's site or service are not allowed. If you wish to advertise here at Tiki-Taka, please contact an Administrator. You are allowed to add a text link to your site in your signature, but links to competing sites are not allowed. Referral links are also prohibited from both posts and signatures. Any links should not be blantant; an example being, "Visit and post on my anime site!!!" A non-blantant link is a simple text link with the name of your website. In all cases, Management reserves the right to decide what is acceptable and what is not.

9. All signatures and avatars should be kept to a reasonable size. The board will automatically resize avatars that are too large. Signatures guidlines are posted in the "Rules and Guidelines" forum. Avatars and signatures should not include illegal, sexually explicit, or otherwise inappropriate content. In all cases, Management reserves the the right to determine what is acceptable and what is not.

10. If you find an inappropriate topic or reply, or a post that has been made in the wrong place, please use the "Report Post to Moderator" link to report it, with a detailed description of the problem. If your problem is not fixed in a reasonable amount of time (e.g. three days), please report the problem to an admin. Please note that abuse of the reporting feature will not be tolerated.

11. These rules are subject to change at any time, to the staff's discretion. Please note that Management has the final say on all issues, and can act with or without prior warning, or to their discretion. Tiki-Taka reserves the right to delete your account for any reason, with or without prior warning, at any time.

While we are a forgiving community, repeated abuse of these guidelines will be dealt with appropriately and swiftly.

Finally, be friendly. If you're friendly and polite we'll welcome you, you'll fit right in and Tiki-Taka will continue to be the best football/soccer board on the 'net.