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F.C. Porto vs S.C. Braga

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#46   OGC

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 12:03 AM

Congrats guys, very well deserved.

#47   bluesdetoi

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 12:21 AM

Oh man, what a season!

I thought the match tonight was pretty average all around. Braga didn't come to play football and didn't let us either, so I'm glad we were able to get that goal just before half-time. It was a brilliant goal too, wonderful cross and then it was vintage Falcao. Stunning header.

We just controlled the second-half and deservedly won this competition. Massive credit to the man in my avatar for building this absolute football machine. I can't wait to play in the CL next year, hopefully still with Falcao and Hulk.


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Congrats meda, and to all you other Porto fans out there!

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#48   Luis

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 02:18 AM

Congratulations guys. :thumbsup: Villas Boas has crafted this team into a finely tuned machine.

#49   Resurrección

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 06:15 AM


Amazing. Just amazing.

If you're Portista then you know the feeling, I'll leave that at that.

I know the feeling :D

Congrats Porto fans! Good luck getting that treble next week!


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#50   Andalucia

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 09:48 AM

Congratulations to all Porto fans :thumbsup:
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#51   Bandiera


Posted 19 May 2011 - 12:35 PM

Well, my thoughts:

1. My first trip to the new Lansdowne Road stadium and it's bloody magnificent.
2. Hulk is an awesome player. His first touch to control and second touch to initiate a dribble is simply phenomenal to watch.
3. Falcao was brutal outside the penalty box. His control and hold up and link play were awful....conversely, when the ball is crossed into the box, he will run through brick walls to get on the end of it.
4. Guarain clearly has a great technique, should have imposed himself more on the game...great cross for the goal though
5. Falcao is technically as good in the air as anyone else around...if not better.
6. Braga were clearly very nervous in the first half...saying that, Hugo Viana put in as useless a 45 minutes of football as I have ever seen
7. Bragas number 3 was immense. Gigantic defender, bossed Falcao for most of the game and has blistering pace.
8. Portos right back should have been sent off for a second booking. I wouldnt say the ref was totally pro Porto, but they did seem to get more 50-50 fouls than Braga did. The trip on the Braga 8 off the ball (Mansarro?) being missed by the lino was criminal
9. Speaking of the number 8, that miss at the start of the second half was a poor finish.
10. The fans of both clubs were fantastic. Braga were probably outnumbered 3 or 4 to 1, but they still brought some noise, but the Porto fans were almost deafening at times and the Tifo displays were class
11. Falcao may have decided the game but he was nowhere near Man of the Match. I now believe that sponsors who hand this out dont actually know anything about football and just give it to the goalscorers or the names they know.
12. Bragas play was probably best typified by the pattern of moment of nice play to get a winger/forward into a good position, followed by a rubbish cross or an appalling decision being made.
13. Does Hulk score from 30 yards often? His 2 efforts last night were dreadful
14. I was impressed with my namesake, Alan, for Braga. Other than his corner near the end of course which was brutal. His control and decision making were very impressive considering Braga were struggling to break down Porto but he rarely gave the ball away or did the wrong thing.
15. I kinda wanted Braga to score with their late pressure, but I'm glad they didnt....got home at 2 this morning and had work at 8.30....it's been a long day and I'm only at lunch time :( Extra time and penalties would probably have resulted in me dying in a car crash on my way home!

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#52   Matieo

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 06:25 PM

Wish I had more reps to give you Bandiera. I came here to talk about the game and other things, and you've managed to cover most of it yourself and left me agreeing. Right on. How were the seats you had?

Just to sort've answer/concur with some of the things you've questioned/stated:

2. Hulk is an awesome player. - sure is Posted Image not for

#53   francis

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 06:44 PM

Champions of wee Europe. Congrats. Wished the game was a bit more entertaining, but totally deserved imo. Porto have been awesome this year.
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#54   Dead Or Alive

Dead Or Alive
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Posted 20 May 2011 - 09:48 AM

Hope to see you in the Super Cup next season!! :thumbsup: