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A.J. Auxerre -Vs.- A.C. Milan

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#16   Bandiera


Posted 25 November 2010 - 02:06 PM

Well yea, I suppose we'd have been much better off if we were able to anticipate stuff before the season started, like the fact that Dinho's form would drop and he wouldn't be able to play as a trequartista, meaning we'd have no one (Seedorf doesn't really count, much like Stankovic didn't with Inter) to play behind the strikers, which would lead to a huge fault in our formation. We would have probably done something about that, but the board didn't need to assume that in light of Dinho being available, with Seedorf there to offer cover. Next summer, or January maybe.

But that's the point you and me don't see eye-to-eye on I think. Which point exactly?

To be fair, there was nothing wrong with 'Dinhos form when he was playing in the 4-3-3 as a LWF, and particularly with Borriello. If we were to sign someone to play CF, surely a better version of Borriello would have been a good signing. Not to mention look at how good Borriello is now for Roma...he's playing an integral part in getting fellas like Menez and Riise to perform effectively and be consistent. That is something Borriello does better than a lot of players around at the moment, get others around him to play better. Zlatan has almost the opposite effect. (and by others, I mean others who share similar offensive territory, not everyone on the team in general).

And it has been known for quite some time that Ronaldinho as a central trequertista doesnt really work. Nothing to do with his time with us, it was known beforehand with Brazil and Barcelona too.

This one. You're making the assumption that should this good team win the league (and fail in Europe, as it almost inevitably will), Allegri will not make changes to it. He will not try to make this good team a better one. The reasoning you gave, although not entirely far-fetched if I'm being honest, isn't really how it has to happen. How will getting a new top quality full back slow our progress or evolution as a squad down even a little bit? How will getting a world class AMF to replace Seedorf make our team need a little longer to work? It's not like we need to do a massive overhaul (unless that's what you're suggesting) to make this formation healthier, we just need to add a few elements that are missing.

To make this formation healthier, you are right, we dont need many players added, and the full back in particular shouldnt be that hard to sign up, but the AMF to me is a huge one. You are gambling on so, so much...numero uno being, will he work with Zlatan and that is something that is a huge risk, no matter what player you sign.

It does help when you get that much, but you don't need that much to rebuild. They got Diego Milito for like 22, Sneijder for 15m, and they got Lucio for like 0. I'm not saying it'll be like that for us as well, I'm just saying you don't need 70m when you already have a good squad. And about Eto'o, fair enough, and I know he's not half the player Eto'o is right now, but we've got Pato - who could potentially match, if not be better than the Cameroonian.

Time and work have gotten in the way...no response...dammit!

Nostalgia.....it ain't what it used to be