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Welcome to the forums. Register (for free!) here to become a member and start talking football from all stretches of the globe! Don't forget to introduce yourself when you do, as there are hundreds of posters here dedicated to talking football with the same feverish passion you have! You'll also have access to the video forums, the kit bag, and the graphic design forums. Everything you could want!

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You know what the lounge is about. Start discussions on topics ranging from just about anything in the wide, frenzied web of thought in your minds. NO RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION, SERIOUSLY.

  1. Political Issues and World Events
  2. Literature
  3. Foreign Language Lounge
  4. Technology and Gadgets
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Supporters' Lounge

We have candy. And hookers.

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Films & Television

Everybody's a critic. Every year the world is treated to some cinematography that warps the senses and amazes. Also every year, people have horrible, horrible films slung at them. Usually during the summer. Talk 'em out here.

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Toggling the joystick, furiously mashing at buttons, hurling sweaty controllers at fuzzy screens: oh, the joys of gaming. Talk out your favorites here, from classics to upcoming releases. Yes, you can even talk Super Nintendo here. In fact, we encourage it.

  1. FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer
  2. Football Management Games
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People on forums figure themselves to be pretty funny. They use sarcasm as a device when it clearly doesn't communicate well on forums. They also like to post amusing pictures. Rather than pollute the forum with "Joke threads" when it should be about football discussion, get it off your chest here.

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Talking about music, something many people despise doing. Give it a go, though. Share your tastes. Expand your horizons. That kind of thing.

  1. Hip Hop
  2. Rock, Alternative, and Indie
  3. Pop and Contemporary R&B
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Other Sports

The world is awash with sports: From Usain Bolt's incredible speed and casual celebrations to the NBA (Is Kobe Bryant "the man"?) to all the American football, hockey, boxing, tennis, cricket - hell, even table tennis, you can take in just about anything. Here's the place to talk about it.

  1. Cricket
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Word and Post Games

People like to post sometimes. For no reason other than to pass the time. Here you can play some of those riveting forum games. The catch? Posts in this forum don't count towards your overall number.

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