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You know what the lounge is about. Start discussions on topics ranging from just about anything in the wide, frenzied web of thought in your minds. NO RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION, SERIOUSLY.


Political Issues and World Events

This forum, although a platform for impassioned debate, will be strictly moderated. Understandably, topics will be argued from copious perspectives, but remain respectful and tolerate others for their views, then reply with views of your own. Any breach of posting rules will result in a warning.

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I know the term literature is generally reserved for esteemed works, but I'm not fond of the look of the word "Books" and "Fiction" seems silly, seeing as some of you prefer "Non-Fiction", right? So, this is the place for the things you read and like to talk about. Yes, even Dan Brown, I guess.

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Foreign Language Lounge

Practice a second language, enjoy speaking your native language other than English, or just browse information you can't comprehend.

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Technology and Gadgets

Have you recently picked up the latest iPhone? Curious as to what others have to say about Google Wave? Maybe you just read a great article about modern robotics. This is your forum!

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Archived Lounge Subforums

A place to keep old award and game forums.

  1. Tiki-Taka Awards - 2012 Edition
  2. Tiki-Taka Awards - 2011 Edition
  3. Tiki-Taka Awards - 2010 Edition
  4. Tiki Taka Prediction League
  5. Debate Challenge
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