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Football Videos

Contains all you videos you may require from all around the world split into sections to make this easier for you to find what you are looking for.


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Video Compilations

Don't miss out on some of the most eye catching compilations around. Post your comps, give your constructive criticism and rave reviews or get some help with hints and tips from the best comp makers around.

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Full Matches & Highlights (No Spoilers)

Haven't watched a match yet? Don't want to know the result before you do so? Look no further. Here you will find full matches and highlights from various leagues and competitions from all over the world, without worrying about finding out what happened in the game before viewing.

This is a spoiler free zone so the posting any spoilers will lead to a warning.

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Video Requests

Looking for a video? Used the search and couldn't find it? Well this is the place to ask for that video you have been looking for. There are plenty of members willing to help if possible, but please show some courtesy when requesting, sometimes your requests just can't be fulfilled.

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England, the home of football, has some of the most fast paced and exhilarating football around. This is where you can find all of that. All the action from the Barclays Premier League, npower Football League Championship, League One and League Two, FA Cup, Carling Cup and much more.

  1. English Football Discussion
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Italy may be renown for its defensive football but that doesn't mean there aren't some unbelievable goals and sensational matches. This is where all the clips from Serie A, Serie B, and the Coppa Italia are found.

  1. Italian Football Discussion
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Spanish football has never been lacking in goals, from Liga BBVA to Liga Adelante, to the Copa del Rey. Here's where you can find some top quality highlights from around Spain.

  1. Spanish Football Discussion
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UEFA Champions League and Europa League

Goals galore from the most hotly contested European club competition, the UEFA Champions League. Also home to all the clips from the Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.

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Other Leagues

Section dedicated to the various leagues around the world which don't have their own section. Be it Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, America, Australia... it goes in here.

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International Fixtures

You've got your fix of club action, how about that from the international scene. Find all your highlights, goals, and skills from right across the worlds international competitions and friendlies.

  1. World Cup 2010
  2. Euro 2012
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Player Specific

The forum for player specific videos. Keep track of every tiny thing Ronaldo does. Even when he does that "Oh, man, I can't believe I didn't score that. I better look at the camera and look annoyed. Okay, wait, okay good" face. Oh, and there are other players worth checking out too.

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Classic Footage

Looking for a blast from the past? Well this is the place to be, relive some of the great football matches and moments that you've heard all about, but maybe never seen.

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Television shows, documentaries, and videos that do not fit in the any of the other sections. All those niggly little clips from here and there go in this section when they don't belong anywhere else.

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