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#796165 Our Most Bitter of Rivals

Posted by Rodgers on 21 September 2014 - 02:51 PM

Did you see the game?!

yes. You lost 5-3. What game did you watch?
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#796155 Our Most Bitter of Rivals

Posted by Rodgers on 21 September 2014 - 02:24 PM

United do love turning corners.
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#796104 West Ham vs Liverpool

Posted by Rodgers on 20 September 2014 - 06:53 PM

I think Liverpool fans tend overlook a lot of Sakho's flaws. Quite frankly, I'm less convinced that most Liverpool fans about him mainly because I feel he has a mistake in him. Id probably still play him ahead of Skrtel but that's not really a compliment. Skrtel was complete rubbish today. I don't really rate him most of the times, but today he was completely off it. I don't think he was properly fit, and the fact that Rodgers still chose to play him ahead of Sakho, tells you everything.

I think people are panicking too quickly though. We haven't had an easy start and with the derby next week it's not really easing up as well. Quite frankly, I expected us to start the season like we did because of the fixtures but also because of the amount new blood in the team. I think fans expecting us to just carry on that intensity we showed those last 3 months of last season are just setting themselves up for failure. I've no doubt we will improve and people need to just put things into perspective.
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#795697 Liverpool vs Ludogorets Razgrad

Posted by Rodgers on 17 September 2014 - 07:43 AM

Some thoughts on the game:


  • Coutinho and Lallana both had poor games but we also need to look at reasons why. Balotelli can be a top striker and I have to say that his attitude has been exemplary so far, but he's completely different to Sturridge and Suarez. He wants the ball played to feet and that means that the likes of Coutinho need to adapt their roles. Sturridge and Suarez were relentless with the way they stretched defences and with their pace, it was easy for Phil to slot through ball after through ball. Balotelli is not gonna do that so it's clear we need a change of system. I thought once Borini came on, we looked so much better as he provided that movement which opened the space up for Mario. That's what we need to do because at the moment, Mario is literally getting no space at all. I hope Rodgers gives Mario a strike partner over the weekend, whether that's Borini or even if we push Sterling forward, I think he needs it.
  • I always tend to look at improvements whenever I watch a game, and for me our biggest upgrade this season is the fullbacks. Once the whole team starts clicking again, those 2 fullbacks bombing forward are going to create complete havoc. Moreno is fucking blitz, and Manquillo reminds me a bit of Babbel with his non stop style of play.
  • I'm not sure what is up with our defence and why we panic so much but it has to do with our mentality. Rodgers needs to sort that shit out. There were so many players guily on that goal we conceded, it's actually school boy stuff. Why did Moreno need to be ahead of Sterling in the 90th minute? Why has Lovren getting caught with the same type of ball everytime? Why is Mignolet rushing out the box and then ending up nowhere near the ball? Our concentration is poor.
  • I hope Rodgers sticks with Lovren & Sakho. I don't think they've been perfect but we can't keep chopping and changing at the back. Lovren has made some errors but I actually like his style. He's vocal and he looks a real leader at the back. We never had that last year after Carra retired. Sometimes I think he just gets too excited and as a result, commits when he doesn't need to and then we get caught. If he just calms down a bit, I think he'll be good.

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#794376 Our Most Bitter of Rivals

Posted by Rodgers on 02 September 2014 - 01:47 PM

I disagree with that.

I don't think that Manchester United are going to challenge for the title this season, I think that's beyond them. I think the title race will eventually be contested between Chelsea and Manchester City.

I think United will challenge for the 'top four' and regardless as to whether they get there or not, the lowest I can see them finishing this season is fifth, so now way 'they'll be lucky to finish fifth', they'll do it comfortably as they haven't got the nuisance of the Ropey League to distract them.

Everton and Tottenham are basically fighting it out for 6th okay and title of 'best of the rest' this season, no way either if those two are in United's class.

Who else is there likely to finish above United if it isn't Spurs or Everton?

In any case, if United fall short this season, they'll only go out and do the same and strengthen their squad further until they do force their way in. Their an economic giant in the Premier League, and won't be locked out for long.

Probably not what Liverpool fans or rival supporters wanna hear, but people aren't being realistic if they think that United are about to endure a prolonged period in the wilderness or aren't going to be back anytime soon.

I'm utterly amazed by this logic. I remembered when someone started that prediction thread and almost every single person had United in the top 4 ahead of Liverpool, I honestly just laughed. I remember last season, people all thought Liverpool fans were crazy and that they would slip out of the top 4 at some stage despite showing that form since the beginning of 2013 already. People were even more confident United would pip us when they signed the saviour that is Juan Mata. It still never happened but what did was Liverpool competing for the title and United barely scraping 7th place. Then this season, people automatically started with the Spurs comparison and how Liverpool are gonna go down the exact same road. That's such a lazy opinion because we scored over 100 goals. Yes, that's right. One fucking hundred goals. United never achieved that feat during the entire Fergie era. Luis Suarez was a major cog in that but you don't score 100 goals because you rely on one player. And despite Liverpool picking up where they left off last summer and United still playing worse than a fucking conference team, people are automatically jumping on the Falcao / Di Maria bandwagon.


I cannot believe how quickly people write-off Liverpools chances. Before last season, Chelsea were the only team to score over 100 goals in a 38 game season. The amount of hard work, preparation that has gone into getting us back to the top is criminally overlooked. United still need a system, an identity. Di Maria played last week and I'd say they were even worse than in their first two games. They're fucking clueless out there. You think that's gonna change just because of 2 players? By the time LVG gets United playing to what he wants them to, it'll be too late. They've had the easiest start to the season and they're already 7 points off Chelsea. After 3 games.


Monaco basically whored Falcao out all summer. Liverpool, Arsenal, City, Madrid all passed up on him. There must be a good reason for that. United were the only club willing to pay his ridiculous wage and loan fee. I'd bet good money on him getting injured this season. Then what for United?

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#794362 Our Most Bitter of Rivals

Posted by Rodgers on 02 September 2014 - 11:20 AM

I'll change my tune when your team actually puts in a proper performance. Forget the fact that you still haven't won a game yet, but when your team actually resembles some sort of gameplan with a clear identity, I'll start to worry. For now though, I'd still have you 5th place.

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#793461 The General News Thread

Posted by Rodgers on 28 August 2014 - 02:07 PM

Watch us get fucking Madrid/Ajax/Roma now. Just watch. Though I'm not really arsed about the CL. It really does nothing for me, if you could guarantee me the League title but go out of the CL with 0 points and 0 goals I'd take it every time. 

What a load of tosh!


The thrill of being in a champions league final is 1000 times better than a 38 game draw out season. I'd take winning the champions league every year over the league without question.

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#792040 Transfer Rumour Mill

Posted by Rodgers on 13 August 2014 - 07:52 PM

Enjoy Allegri

that would have been funny if I actually supported Juventus.
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#791975 Transfer Rumour Mill

Posted by Rodgers on 13 August 2014 - 05:44 AM

Tactically he solved a lot of our problems last year and i think with the new formation our most important players will play in where they are most effective so no more Mata on the right Welbeck on the left none sense

how has he solved your problems when you haven't played a competitive game yet?
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#789800 The Liverpool Transfer News and Rumours Thread

Posted by Rodgers on 21 July 2014 - 09:32 AM

I'd hire someone stronger than myself to punch me in the face.

I'd be more than willing to punch you.

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#789206 Il Mister: Antonio Conte

Posted by Rodgers on 16 July 2014 - 07:52 AM

The man is a fucking legend.


Honestly, I hope he gets the national team position. I think Italy needs someone like him to bring them right.

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#788627 The Liverpool Transfer News and Rumours Thread

Posted by Rodgers on 12 July 2014 - 09:58 PM

I think Bony's a quality striker as well but really given the money we have we should be aiming much higher. In general the players we're linked with and have signed are fairly underwhelming. It's like every other big team can have fun and and snap up the top quality talent available this window except us. I don't think we should aim to be like PSG or Real Madrid and look to buy every world class player available but just at least fucking one would be nice. As it stands Suarez is the only world class player we had, now we have nothing. And this is where the club's continual pissing around in regards to building a new stadium have come to bite it in the ass. We're in no position to offer competitive wages to players like Kroos, di Maria, Sanchez, Benatia etc.


While I don't think we're quite repeating what Spurs did last summer you can't help but feel there is an air of similarity. As others have mentioned you can't replace Suarez like for like. The only two realistic players that could do that are Markovic (who would need at least another 3-4 years) and maybe Jovetic (if he ever gets fit again). Yet it seems like we're going to continue as we were last season where Suarez's brilliance bailed us out a number of times, except with no Suarez to do so this time.


I know it's still early so there's no point in panicking yet but does anyone really have any optimism that we'll eventually bring in a top quality player or two? I certainly don't. In my time of supporting the club I don't recall us ever adequately replacing one of our top players. Never replaced Macca, Morientes huge flop replacing Owen, couldn't replace Alonso or Mascherano, replaced Torres with Carroll (Suarez was signed before Torres had left so I don't think he counts as an attempted replacement for Torres). I don't wanna be a broken record just spouting out pessimism every season but it looks to be the same old story. This seems to be the pattern for the club now. Finish second and have the following season be a disaster. 

We have Sturridge and I think a lot of people overlook this. He will be a year older and he's getting better and better. The way things are going, he's got the most goals out of all Liverpool strikers after 50 games and he's on course to become the fastest Liverpool striker to net 50 goals. I honestly think Sturridge is going to flourish without Suarez. The SAS was fantastic last season but Sturridge is an arrogant player who wants to be the main man. He couldn't be that player with Suarez in the same team but he knows he's the man and I just think he's got the world at his feet now. If he can stay fit throughout the season, theres no question in my mind that he'll get more than what he got last season.


Wrt to the Torres replacement, it was definitely Suarez. Clubs know when there are bids coming in for a player and Liverpool knew Chelsea would be in for him. Carroll was brought in to play alongside Suarez but he was not Torres' replacement. Liverpool's deal with Chelsea was 15million pounds on top of what we paid for Carroll. It was a monumentally stupid deal but that whole era is gone now. The board are so much more stricter now so I don't believe we'll ever have a failure like that again. And remember Sanchez chose Arsenal over Liverpool, so it's not like we weren't in for a top player, I just think Rodger's still needs to prove himself at the top level before he can attract the highest calibres of player. Wenger, as much as knob he is, still has a much bigger name in World football. Liverpool just need to prove that they're there to stay at the top and better players will come.


And for the record, I still believe that we will get another attacker in. I don't for one second believe that Markovic was the alternative to Sanchez.

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#787668 Quoting a post

Posted by Rodgers on 07 July 2014 - 09:56 AM

I presume you are using IE11? There seems to be a known bug which exists as the WYSIWYG editor on the forum doesn't have full support for IE11, it has been fixed in the next version of the forum software but we are some way off it yet (could be months). I have tried to implement a fix, which some people have reported to have fixed it on the support forums but it's not working for me. If it's not working, try turning off the WYSIWYG editor using the switch in the top left of editor, then clicking the quote button, it should work then (I have succeeded in doing so), you are then free to turn the WYSIWYG editor on again.


It's working. Cheers Ali!

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#787128 The Liverpool Transfer News and Rumours Thread

Posted by Rodgers on 02 July 2014 - 08:02 AM

We won't get Sanchez and 80million. Barca would be stupid to give us that.

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#786573 The General News Thread

Posted by Rodgers on 27 June 2014 - 10:34 AM

Grown men should also be able to look at things logically. Playing football is not the same as working in an office or working construction or running a business. Those jobs have different sort of issues. A person working in an accounting firm can tweak numbers, change figures which is illegal. An insurance broker can submit a fraudulent claim. A cashier working in a supermarket can steal money without their boss even knowing. Those are all illegal stuff and against the law and people do that all the time. I don't get how you can compare a normal day to day job with being a footballer. You're not playing a contact sport in those jobs, you're not tackling people, you're not abusing fellow players and referees and you're not winding people up. It's a completely different environment and it's ridiculous to even compare the two.


And quite frankly, so what if he is a child in an adults body. What is so wrong with that? Majority of the population are not matured emotionally. Please don't call me a 14 year old worshipping an idol because that's ridiculous. Just because I choose not to go along with the worldwide media hype and intense scrutinisation does not make me a child. So far the biggest talking point of the world cup is a bite from Suarez. Do you think that's right? Last night Skysports main feature was Suarez on their homepage. The live games at the biggest sporting event in the world, took second stage. All I'm saying is there are more important things happening in the world than to worry about Suarez biting someone which quite frankly is fucking meaningless.

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