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In Topic: Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid

31 August 2014 - 11:20 PM

I was not impressed by James or Kroos.  I am still not sold on the purchase of James, but it is wayyyyyyy to early to make an actual judgement there.  Kroos, I thought was entirely anonymous in defense, and I felt similarly to Modric who I thought had a terribad game.  Isco made a fantastic case for why he is a tremendous player to have in the squad and I hope Carlo rewards him for a solid performance.  Our fullbacks didn't look great, but it was mostly because they were being stretched by the lack of help from the midfield.  If we play with 3 CM's they need to all be industrious.    Benzema continues to frustrate as a lone goal scorer, with Bale not ready to step up to Ronaldo levels- Benzema is a liability in certain line-ups.  I hope those Negredo rumors have some teeth to them. 


Not a catastrophe, but disappointing to lose a game that we should have walked away with... especially after just how pretty Bale's goal was.

In Topic: The Former Players Thread

29 August 2014 - 01:35 AM

I understand the fan affection for Xabi. Everyone loves Xabi and he was an extremely important player for us, but he wasn't what he used to be.


If we are talking about a replacement then Kroos is that replacement. He can distribute just as well as Xabi ever did and from what we've seen from him in his positioning he should be fine defensively. The issue comes with leadership. That's what we'll lose with Xabi's exit.


Illarra is going to have to step up BIG time.


Not true, but Kroos' got some other parts of his game that are superior to Xabi's.  That and it seems like Xabi's long ball distribution has actually been slipping in the past 8 months- perhaps it is fatigue creeping into his game?  Long way of saying I disagree with you technically, but practically speaking I agree.

In Topic: Supercopa de España - El Derbi Madrileño (Trophy Opportunity 2/6)

23 August 2014 - 12:43 AM

Atletico wanted it more, glad to see them still looking like a dangerous team- good for the league I'd say and a strong competition will pay off in the long run when it comes to CL performance.  It also seems fair that Atletico won because Ramos should have seen red last match and shouldn't be allowed to play for at least a couple games in my opinion.  Now if this wasn't a relatively unimportant trophy I'd probably be a lot less magnanimous in defeat.  Finally, why the fuck is the super cup a two legged affair?  Players would struggle to have a Friday game following a Tuesday game in the middle of the season, let alone right as they are finally starting to gain fitness.

In Topic: Real Madrid Transfer Rumor Thread - 2014 Post Gareth Bale Edition

23 July 2014 - 09:10 PM

I believe that Kroos can play anywhere in midfield, but I think it's a shame to use him there. When closer to the goal, he's deadly with his shot. He can shoot with both feet and is very smart in the way he moves forward. We'll see, very excited as well! 

The most dangerous runs are those ones from deep.  Just think back the past couple of seasons to all those times that Khedira has rampaged in from deep and not been closed down until he is a few steps from the box, but imagine instead of one of Khedira's lackluster shots, Toni comes steaming through and let's rip.  Or imagine the opposition rightly starts pissing themselves and collapses on Kroos which, surprise surprise, leaves our Croatian wonder in an easy passing lane with an even better look at goal.  Or the opposition just goes full retarded and leaves one of BBC with half a sniff on goal.


You know I just realized if we line up with Jese, James, Benzema, and Bale at some point we are going to have a BJ BJ.

In Topic: Real Madrid Players On International Duty

08 July 2014 - 11:25 PM

Alexi Lalas


Gus Johnson


Taylor Twellman


but the biggest mary poppin of em all is Phil Shcoen

Tight shirt Twellman is actually decent doing the color, especially when it is just something like an MLS game so you don't have to spend so much time considering what the fuck he is doing pretending to be a former player on th same level.  In contrast, I fucking hate it when Kasey Keller does them.  He was a fine keeper, but hearing him try to talk about soccer is just miserable.


Feel bad for Marcelo that he had to be a part of that. He actually didn't play all that poorly tbh although the fact that he refused to give in and kept attacking like a mad man undoubtedly left even more space for Germany to exploit later on in the match.


But Khedira showed that beast mode side of himself that seems to come out every now and again when he wears the Germany shirt. He may not be the most technically brilliant midfielder, but the guy brings a different skill set that can prove extremely beneficial to us. As I said before, no way this guy should be sold unless we replace what he can produce for us. We shouldn't be advocating for his stay simply because he performed well today. We should be advocating for his stay because he gives this team an option in midfield that we don't have otherwise.

I honestly think Casemiro gives us a similar physical presence in the midfield, with a higher upside due to his superior on ball skills.  That said, the coach doesn't have faith in him which is something a player like that has to have to make an impact in that sort of role... oh well.  Hope we don't lose him on a transfer and then have to watch him become massive somewhere else without a buy-back.