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Announcement: Do Not Cross-Copy Video Content Posted by Mujeriego

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I have noticed that there are members from other forums copying videos from here onto their forum, with no credit, no source whatsoever. So the original capper does not get credit and all the hard work goes un-noticed. Now such stuff cannot be tolerated on this board and any contravening of these rules will result in swift repercussions.

Cappers upload videos for free and it isnt a paid service. So please refrain from cross linking videos to other websites. If you do so without permission and without credit, you WILL be banned.

Also do not cut clips up, re-upload clips without permission from original uploader/capper.

If you want to post exclusive content from Tiki Taka onto other websites, be sure to obtain the original capper's permission first. I'm sure cappers will be kind enough.

Guidlines for cappers/uploaders/posters:
  • Password Protect files if you want to make sure nobody steals the files.
  • Have a link to this forum, or have your name in the filename, rar archive so that cappers identity is preserved.
  • Mention in the post/ in your signature that you dont want the content posted on any other forum.
  • If you are posting anything from another forum, please credit the capper or uploader. (If the capper requires permission, please take permission)
Please make sure you guys follow this.

- One United.